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16 ديسمبر 2017 2:25 م
Poor Minds

Poor Minds

By - Amro Selim :

Poverty is often associated with hunger and the need to meet the basic needs of the individual from housing, food, medicine and non-needs of the individual. The international economic institutions measure the poverty rate in a country or around the world in the daily income of the individual but here we will review a different new way to measure the real poverty rate Find the way to be a new measure in the index of real and not only physical poverty.

Before we discuss our topic, I would like to review with you a set of questions to think about in the next few minutes:

- How is the individual's job defined?

- How is the amount of salary or income that an individual receives?

Is it your stomach that moves you or your mind is the key to running your life?

- If you think that the development of your career and career to get more income Do you use your mind or your stomach?

- Do you get promoted in your job and increase your income depending on the amount of food you eat or according to your educational and mental abilities and your career skills?

Let me do brainstorming in trying to get answers to these questions from my personal perspective - which you may agree or disagree with - if you have trained your mind well and expanded your knowledge and abilities and received the right amount of education up to the school stage that suits your physical and mental abilities and developed your technological and technical skills , At that point I think it came the stage of searching for a job that suits your skills and mental and mental potential and thus will determine your salary and income according to your level of education and skills, your income here will be linked to your educational and professional abilities, there is a relationship between the level of efficiency Professional and income - the more your skills increase your salary and vice versa.

We do not forget that we are now living in the era of free-lance working , which opened the labor markets to any job seeker from anywhere in the world to join a job in a country that was able to join the work anywhere in the world and you are in your home. Work requires more self-development and continuous training.

Some people read my words and say that they have a large part that does not correspond to the reality and the conditions that some countries are living in. But I have listed here a number of agreements that may change the way some view things:

- In the Egyptian society, the percentage of illiteracy - illiteracy and illiteracy - in the last official government census in Egypt reached 29.7% of the population - adults about 104 million citizens - and the poverty rate reached 27% .. Have you noticed here the similarity and close convergence between Both rates  (illiteracy and poverty).

In other ways, our main problem in Egypt is that illiteracy kills creativity, innovation and the ability to think correctly and make the right decision, and therefore find that most of the economic, political, social and cultural crises because of inappropriate decisions or lack of public interest in economic or cultural issues represent the nerve Life is for him and his family claiming that they do not care about him or have what preoccupied his thinking from the troubles of daily life, or the existence of popular pressure in certain subjects based on experiences and information is incorrect or certain.

The illiteracy here has created political and economic crises and other daily problems that result in poverty, lack of income, the flight of investments and the negative impact on many vital sectors of the country. Poverty in that case was not effective, it is the result of incorrect thinking and misreading of the current reality and look which leads to the end of poverty and lack of economic opportunities.

Dear readers, you have a computer and an internet portal - or you can go to charitable organizations that support providing these services at discounted prices for some categories to get them - what you lack to learn a new language to become an interpreter or writer or reporter remotely or break into the world of money market and learn how to make a profit Including through the Internet?!! , You can also develop your skills and experience in audio or video and communicate with the world's largest experts and you are sitting in your home.

Opportunities exist around us everywhere but the basic problem here is not the scarcity of what you are looking for, but the desire of some to walk in the direct way without searching through a new innovative and creative.

If you want to succeed, break the closed box in your mind and learn the new things then go off and move and move forward and do not make despair or you surround you whatever happens and do not forget that success and fatigue and hard to insist on success.

Remember that the first effective steps to eradicate poverty are "education, training and creative thinking".